Fifo_In  Fifo_Out  
Cmd_Poll  Mode_Poll  
Management_Interval  Management_Command  
PurgeVideo_Hours  PurgeImage_Hours  
PurgeLapse_Hours  GMTOffset  
PurgeSpace_ModeEx  Select Mode PurgeSpace_Level  
DawnStart_Minutes  DayStart_Minutes  
DayEnd_Minutes  DuskEnd_Minutes  
Latitude  Longitude  
Max_Capture  DayMode  Select Mode 
AutoCapture_Interval  AutoCamera_Interval  

Time Offset: 0Sunrise: 04:11Sunset: 20:01Current: 14:32Period: AllDay
PeriodDays Su-SaMotion StartMotion StopPeriod Start
md0/10/1 stop/start motion detection
ca c [t]0/1c=0/1 stop/start video capture; t=capture secs if present
imcapture image
tl0/1stop/start timelapse
tvnumberset timelapse interval between images n * 1/10 seconds.
vinumberset video split interval in seconds. 0=Off
antextset annotation
ab0/1annotation background
pxAAAA BBBB CC DD EEEE FFFFset video+img resolution video = AxB px, C fps, boxed with D fps, image = ExF px)
asnumberset text size (v3 only) 0-99
atE YYY UUU VVVset custom text colour (v3 only)
acE YYY UUU VVVset custom background colour (v3 only)
shnumberset sharpness (range: [-100;100]; default: 0)
conumberset contrast (range: [-100;100]; default: 0)
brnumberset brightness (range: [0;100]; default: 50)
sanumberset saturation (range: [-100;100]; default: 0)
isnumberset ISO (range: [100;800]; default: 0=auto)
vsnumber0/1 turn off/on video stabilisation
ecnumberset exposure compensation (range: [-10;10]; default: 0)
emkeywordset exposure mode (range: [off/auto/night/nightpreview/backlight/spotlight/sports/snow/beach/verylong/fixedfps/antishake/fireworks]; default: auto)
wbkeywordset white balance (range: [off/auto/sun/cloudy/shade/tungsten/fluorescent/incandescent/flash/horizon]; default: auto)
agRRRR BBBBset white balance off red_gain blue gain (100 = 1.0; default: 150)
mmkeywordset metering mode (range: [average/spot/backlit/matrix]; default: average)
iekeywordset image effect (range: [none/negative/solarise/posterize/whiteboard/blackboard/sketch/denoise/emboss/oilpaint/hatch/gpen/pastel/watercolour/film/blur/saturation/colourswap/washedout/posterise/colourpoint/colourbalance/cartoon]; default: none)
ceA BB CCset colour effect (A BB CC; A=enable/disable, effect = B:C)
ronumberset rotation (range: [0/90/180/270]; default: 0)
flnumberset flip (range: [0;3]; default: 0)
riAAAAA BBBBB CCCCC DDDDDset sensor region (x=A, y=B, w=C, h=D)
qunumberset output image quality (range: [0;100]; default: 85)
pvQQ WWW DDset preview quality (0-100) default 25, Width (128-1024) default 512, Divider (1-16) default 1
bunumberset pre-trigger video buffer in mSec (approx)
binumberset output video bitrate (range: [0;25000000]; default: 17000000)
bonumberset MP4Box mode (0=off, 1=inline, 2=background
rl0/10/1 disable / enable raw layer
rs1Reset user config to default
ru0/10/1 halt/restart RaspiMJPEG and release camera
sc1Rescan for video and image indexes
symacroExecute macro
umnumber macroUpdate macro
vp0/1Disable/Enable vector preview
mnnumberSet motion_noise
mtnumberSet motion_threshold
mifilenameSet motion_image
msnumberSet motion_initframes
mbnumberSet motion_startframes
menumberSet motion_stopframes
mf0/1Enable saving motion vectors
mz0/1Disable motion mask
cn1/2Select camera (Compute model only)
st0/1Off/On Camera statistics
qpA BB CCSet h264 encoding pars A=minimise_frag BB=initial_quant CC=encode_qp
lsnumberSet Max log size. 0 disable logging